Posted by: counselorcarmella | November 3, 2010

More About Counselor Carmella

Carmella Broome, EdS, LPC, LMFT/I

I appreciate your interest in my counseling work and hope this information will help you get to know me and my approach to counseling.  It is important that clients are matched with a counselor who is a good fit for their needs. Just like clients, counselors come from various backgrounds, and have  a wide range of personalities, interests, and strengths in different areas.

Background and Education: I  was born, raised, and educated  here in SC. I have been  employed by Crossroads since  2005. I earned  an Educational Specialist degree (EdS advanced graduate degree) in Counselor Education with a specialization in Marriage and Family  Therapy from the University of South Carolina in 2004.  I also have undergraduate degrees from Columbia International University and North Greenville College.

Licensure:  I gained full  licensure as a Professional Counselor in SC in  2007, after completing  two years of  required client contact and supervision hours as an  LPC Intern.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor in SC, , I am paneled with various insurance companies includeing Blue Cross, Blue Choice, APS,  and TriCare. I also work with  employee assistance programs, I am  a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/Intern and am still completing supervision hours necessary for  full licensure in that area.

Previous Work Experiences: My previous counseling work includes the  USC Counseling and Human Development Center, Epworth Childrens’ Home,  and volunteer experience with the SC Alliance on Mental Illness and I also participated in a research  internship with the Department of Health and Human Services   program on healthy marriage initiatives.  I have had  counseling related  articles published on and I  have given several presentations at  Three Rivers Behavioral Health as  part of their Food for Thought series for  CEU credits for  other  mental health professionals.  

Scope of Practice: As a counselor, I seek to help clients have healthy  fulfilling  lives and relationships. I am equipped to assist clients with  serious mental health issues, as well as difficult life transitions or relationship concerns. I work with various client populations, including  those experiencing depression, anxiety,  physical health  concerns,  grief,  trauma related issues, and school or workplace issues. I work  with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I  am most passionate about  relationship issues and how other life stressors impact the quality of people’s relationships. I do not  work with young children, and do not have the specialized  training needed to  address severe anger management or substance abuse/dependence  issues. I provide referrals if this type of help is needed, or if I or a client decide  I am not the most appropriate therapist for them and their needs.

Confidentiality:  One benefit of counseling is being able to talk with someone who is objective  and a “neutral third party” in a setting where things are kept private. I am required by law and ethics  to keep our conversations as  confidential as possible. What we talk about  stays between  us unless  I believe you are  of serious danger to  self or others, suspect  child or elder abuse, you sign a release that I can speak to  someone, or if your file is legally sopenaed. I  also discuss cases with  counseling supervisors at times using first names only.  My supervisors are also  under confidentiality, as are our staff. With your permission, I work collaboratively with other family members, physicians,  employers, teachers, churches, and  other sources of support in place in clients’ lives when necessary.

How I   Do Counseling: I strive to be  both  warm and professional in my role as  a counselor. I seek to be friendly and approachable, and draw on  my spirituality, sense of humor, and  years of personal and professional experience when interacting with  clients. I believe in using who I am as a person  in the counseling relationship. I seek to be honest, relevant, and  respectful of clients’ needs and circumstances. I believe counseling is about  me working together with the client and that it is a partnership. I believe no one comes to Crossroads by accident and take my role as helper very seriously. I seek to appreciate, and get to know, each client as an individual. 

I help clients  talk through concerns in  constructive ways, gain insight, and experiment with  different behaviors or ways of thinking that may help them with their current concerns.  I also   seek to help clients understand their challenges by providing needed information and  resources. I seek to connect clients with other helpful community and  informational resources, as well.  When entering into a  counseling relationship with a client, I begin where the client is today, but also address yesterday and tomorrow, as necessary. I  strive to help clients make peace with, and sense of,  their childhoods and past decisions, figure out how to make the most of the present, and have hope about  the future.


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