My name is Carmella Broome.  I am a  Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in SC. I work at a private Christian outpatient counseling agency with a great group of counselors dedicated to serving the community. I have been providing counseling services to  teenaged girls, adults, couples, and families at my current location since June of 2005. I work with issues ranging from stressful transitions like moving, job concerns, or relationship issues, to more severe problems like depression, anxiety, and trauma. I earned my graduate degree in Counselor Education with a specialization in marriage and family counseling from the University of SC and also have degrees from NorthGreenville College and Columbia International University. 

I created this blog to share  resources and information with clients, colleagues, and  others interested in  my work. Any opinions expressed here are mine and are based on my own training, experience, and philosophical approach to counseling, life, people, etc. This is my personal blog and is not officially affiliated with any agency or organization. No one but me has say about, or responsibility for, what is posted here. Nothing contained in this blog should be considered a substitute for a personal conversation or assessment by a trained counselor. Information included here is provided as a resource for learning and thoughtful consideration and is not medical advice.

If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns regarding this content, please feel free to let me know.  If you have a topic you’d like to see addressed in this blog, feel free to let me know that, as well. I’m always thinking, researching, and learning, and writing is a natural extension of my inquisitive mind. Thanks for visiting. I wish you many blessings.


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